Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

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All you really need is the sun.

Can be powered entirely by solar energy!

Heleon Solar Air System's hybrid air conditioners require no batteries and only a few PV panels to deliver huge savings. During the day, when air conditioning is most needed, you can operate this unit partly or 100% by its independent solar panels to achieve maximum efficiency. At night, its huge efficiency continues to save you money.

Your Benefits

Efficient, brushless DC permanent magnet, variable-frequency, twin-rotary compressors.

Ambient operating temperature ranges wide, from 10°C to 58°C.

The unit’s built-in AC Limiter will limit the AC consumption to 100W when DC power is available.

MC4 solar connector terminals for easy connection and maintenance.

Our Anti-Corrosion Technology, gives greater endurance to both indoor and outdoor units.

Our indoor unit operates extremely quiet, at levels as low as 26dB.

Our units can run directly on 100% solar power during the daytime.

All of our units, indoors and outdoors, come with a 2-year warranty as standard.


The components.

Our DC powered Indoor units use direct DC solar power so there is no loss when converting DC power into AC power like standard conditioners. During the day, they run solely on solar power and only use small amounts of power from the grid. When it comes to night time, they automatically mix power and eventually switch to 240V AC power. DC brushless fan motors are used for both indoor and outdoor units. Energy consumption is greatly reduced and run with very low noise. Any solar panels can be connected to our systems. They are simply connected in series with a maximum of 380VOC.

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Ecological and Economical

It just makes sense!

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